• Vicky Norton

I have achieved my Qualified status with the Guild of Photographers!

So after months of shall I, shan't I. I finally decided to apply for my Qualification in June 2020 and I am over the moon to of passed!

It has been my goal since I joined the Guild and I suppose after achieving the photographers bar 4 times over the past 2 years and numerous awards I made 2020 my year to go for it.

I have to say I was nervous, especially having your work scrutinised and every minor detail looked at by expert judges, but if I didn't do it now I'd still be thinking about doing it in years to come and my images would of passed the 2 year cut off yet again.

To achieve qualified status I had to choose a panel of 21 images that demonstrated a high standard of competence both technically and artistically. For my panel I chose 3 rows of 7 showing very different subjects, Butterflies, Landscapes and Portraits.

I can now use the Qualified logo on my website and should I wish the letters QGP after my name.

Achieving this goal has spurred me on and I am gathering ideas and thoughts for the next stage of my journey, achieving Craftsman status, which is in another league and an ever bigger challenge.

Below is my panel I submitted for my Qualification.

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