• Vicky Norton

The Photographers Bar 2019 - Not once but 3 times!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

On the 1st February 2020 at Crewe Hall, Cheshire, I attended the Guild of Photographers glittering awards night.

Last year I was so pleased to of achieved the photographers bar in the open category, but in 2019 I really wanted to push myself and set my sights on three categories, one was hard enough but three, that was going to be really tough.

There were times I nearly gave up, but I am so glad I stuck with it and saw it through.

I sat and waited nervously as the winners of the Bar were read out and everyone who had achieved it were called up to collect their certificate and badge, had indeed achieved enough points in the People, Natural World and Open Categories. I was only one of three members who managed it in 3 categories from every one who enters the Image of the month.

 "Membership of the 'Photographers Bar' is a unique distinction awarded to those photographers who have successfully had images assessed by the Guild of Photographers over the course of a year and have attained a score that evidences an exceptional level of professional skill and consistency throughout that a full year."

Membership of the 'Photographers Bar' is a distinction that is very difficult to achieve - in fact less than 250 photographers have achieved it in the 6 years since its inception, during which time over 60,000 images will have been entered for assessment by photographers across the UK and from overseas. 

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